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Aucmarket offers rich consumer insight data about what is purchased on auction.

See all the metrics like Average Buy it Now Price, Average Bid Price and Savings Percentage so you can make an informed decision about buying and selling options.

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Aucmarket will help you to conquer the auction environment in order to get more for your products by highlighting pricing trends and showing you what's popular and in demand.

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Aucmarket is the eBay "auction research " solution that gives you rich insights into your selling and marketing effectiveness. Powerful, flexible and easy-to-use features let you see and analyze Ebay auction market data in an entirely new way.

With Aucmarket, you're more prepared to write better-targeted auction listings, strengthen your marketing initiatives and create higher conversion rates on eBay.

Auction Dashboard

Research your Window of Opportunity and decide on the best auction Listing Price and Time. Aucmarket provides dashboards for each product to give you knowledge on how to maximize your sale.

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When to Buy/ When to Sell

Research product trends and buy item quantities when the price is low and sell when it's most profitable. Aucmarket provides analytics and statistics for you to utilize in your research and shows product price fluctuations at a glance.

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Save Money

Buy it now auctions are a great way to get your favorite product at a lower price. Research our data for average savings and get amazing bargains.

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Top 100 Auctions

Find the most popular auctions closed by Year, Month, Week or Day. The top 100 ranks products and provides detailed data on Average BIN Price, BID Price and Average Savings.

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Vintage eBay Auctions

eBay Vintage Auctions Apple Computer

Products you need to add to your vintage eBay auction watch list are here.

Selling on eBay is relatively easy; the tough part is identifying what to sell. Why not start by selling Vintage or Used Products; you might discover a few eBay profit secrets.

We've listed our roundup of top eBay vintage auction finds. We believe it'll be worthwhile to keep a watch on these items as we predict they might sell for high profits as time goes by.

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PlayStation Vita Auctions

PlayStation Vita Auctions

The successor to the PlayStation Portable(PSP) has finally arrived and it is called the PS Vita. It was released in Japan and parts of Asia on December 17, 2011. On February 22, 2012 it was releases in Europe, North America, South America and Singapore. It is expected to rival the Nintendo 3DS as part of the 8th generation of gaming.

The PlayStation Vita can now be purchased with WiFi only or 3G WiFi Bundle. You can also purchase a 32 GB memory card to store game saves, PSN downloads, and personal media

Auction Statistics

Limited Edition 2011 NIKE MAG

Limited Edition 2011 NIKE MAG auctions

The hottest auction on the web right now is the Limited Edition 2011 NIKE MAG. Inspired by the movie Back to the Future Part II, eBay will be auction off 1,500 pairs of the NIKE MAG Shoes to benefit the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research.

The shoes have an average sale right around $4,000 a pair. Some auctions have run as high as $10,000. It looks like when it is all said and done the partnership will raise between $6,000,000 and $7,000,000.

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Timing your auction just right is a crucial step towards maximizing your sales on online auctions. Adhering to these tips will be helpful:read more

What is the best day and time to end an eBay auction?

Here are a few quotes from eBay sellers:

"..start your eBay listing on a thursday evening and make it a 10 day auction - you get 2 weekends for more people to see it then."

" really depends on the category your listing for. The importance of ending your eBay auction with a Sunday closing is geater for Antiques, arts and collectibles than, for instance, electronics."

"..we do Sunday evenings too, although i did also find that for baby items, early weekday evenings (4-6pm) was good too."

"..I just list it when I feel like it and assume that people will bid if they want it.. with the growing popularity of Sniping sites, people don't have to be at their computer to bid."


American Apparel to create online store at eBay

The company believes online buyers of their merchandise are not buying from them directly. Hence the online store which America predicts to be a multi-million dollar business.


Below is our popular graph of Auctions Average Savings at eBay and Auctions Tracked. We compared the list price of items in store with their price at auction and derived a savings percentage for both BID and BIN eBay auctions.

Another helpful tool is the "Top 10 Analysis" which provides the top items categorized by Products, Categories (Indexes) and Companies.


TOP 10 ANALYSIS (Products, Categories, Companies)

Top ProductsList PriceAvg BIN PriceAvg BIN SavingsAvg Bid PriceAvg Bid Savings
Apple iPhone 4 Black 16GB (AT&T) - No $599.00$317.0847.06%$297.0550.4%
iPhone 4S Black 16GB$599.00$384.4035.82%$357.4040.33%
iPod Touch 8 GB$229.00$119.0847.99%$109.2652.28%
iPhone 4S White 16GB$599.00$418.0630.2%$386.4735.48%
iPod Touch 32 GB$299.00$190.2536.37%$170.6942.91%
iPhone 4S Black 32GB$699.00$374.8546.37%$348.8450.09%
Apple iPhone 4 Black 32GB (AT&T) - No $699.00$334.7152.11%$307.7955.96%
Apple iPhone 4 Black 16GB (Verizon) - $599.00$295.2350.71%$279.5453.33%
Lego Pirates of the Caribbean PS3 XBOX$49.99$18.1163.77%$14.5170.97%
XBOX 360 Call Of Duty: Black Ops$59.99$34.5442.43%$32.8445.25%
Top IndexesList PriceAvg BIN PriceAvg BIN SavingsAvg Bid PriceAvg Bid Savings
Cell Phones$616.27$308.8749.88%$326.4047.03%
Video Games$53.91$40.7624.4%$33.7637.38%
MP3 Players$240.75$137.0243.08%$124.8448.14%
Video Game Systems$225.84$161.3628.55%$160.9528.73%
Gift Cards$87.97$103.32-17.44%$63.8927.37%
Computer Accessories$109.30$86.2721.06%$43.0360.63%
Top CompaniesList PriceAvg BIN PriceAvg BIN SavingsAvg Bid PriceAvg Bid Savings
Apple Inc.$545.91$374.2931.43%$342.3237.29%
Electronic Arts Inc. $57.26$30.3247.05%$26.9952.86%



PersonPopularity %Trend
1.Elvis Presley67.36%
2.Michael Jordan42.82%
3.Marilyn Monroe40.27%
4.Madonna 34.18%
5.Michael Jackson32.99%


AthletePopularity %Trend
1.Michael Jordan42.82%
2.Derek Jeter24.56%
3.Mickey Mantle20.60%
4.Nolan Ryan20.08%
5.Ken Griffey20.01%


PresidentPopularity %Trend
1.Barack Obama14.49%
2.George Washington13.53%
3.Abraham Lincoln11.28%
4.John Kennedy10.37%
5.Ronald Reagan8.01%


Bid Price (BID)

A Bid Auction is where a seller sets an opening price for a product and potential buyers opt to win the product by offering a higher price (bid). This bidding process moves the price up and at the conclusion, the highest bidder wins the item.

Buy It Now Price (BIN)

A BIN auction is where a seller sets a fixed price for the product and a buyer can choose to pay this price and immediately win the item.

In some instances the buyer can make an offer below the fixed price giving the seller the option to accept and close the sale.


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